Escape From Isis

This documentary exposes the brutal regime suffered by millions of women living under Isis, and the extraordinary story of a secret underground network trying to save them.

Escape from Isis was released in the US and UK in July 2015 to widespread critical acclaim. The Guardian described it as “a breathtakingly bold piece of journalism,” while the Mail on Sunday said it included “one of the most unforgettable moments you will see on TV all year.” The Spectator said it was “such an important documentary it ought to rank with the footage of British troops liberating Belsen”.

Prime Minister David Cameron cited the film in a major policy speech on Isis, noting that the film showed the true nature of an organisation “whose men rape underage girls and stone innocent women to death.” Director Edward Watts was also invited to testify at the US Congress about the film’s key findings at the Committee on Foreign Affairs in Washington DC. For Channel 4, Arte, PBS.


  • Broadcast Award
  • RTS Award
  • Robert F Kennedy Journalism Award
  • RealScreen Award
  • International Emmy Award
  • Foreign Press Award
  • Amnesty Media Award
  • Rory Peck Martin Adler Award