About News Production

ITN Productions provides news footage and TV services for broadcasters, publishers and global video platforms. We also make bespoke content for corporate clients. Drawing on the newsgathering resources of ITN, our multi-skilled team produce authentic, high-impact material at newsroom speed. We cover the biggest news stories, royal events and viral videos – curating the weird, the wonderful and the most-watched content every day.

our products:

News Syndication Service: A continuous live feed combining breaking news footage, scheduled events and reporter packages produced by ITV News, Channel 4 News. Technical delivery is available via local ends, satellite or a dedicated circuit.

Daily highlights: Fast-turnaround ‘Ready to Edit’ footage of breaking news, interviews and entertainment events can be downloaded from our website. (Not for clients with a predominant UK audience.)

Edited packages: Crafted ‘Ready to Publish’ video news content for online and social platforms, tailored to boost audience engagement and watch times. Videos are produced with either natural sound, a reporter voice or graphic captions and can be accessed online. (Available for UK and International clients.)

Broadcast facilities: One-off bookings or daily hire of ITN’s facilities including:

  • Plug-in boxes at Westminster, Downing Street, the Old Bailey and Kings Cross.
  • Millbank studio hire for down the line interviews.
  • The ITN newsroom camera
  • London skyline beauty shots
  • Satellite trucks at major news events
  • AviWest hire

ITNP provides a full managed service to clients’ operational area including Comms and IFB.

Connectivity is via BT Tower, The Switch, Globecast or the London Media Gateway.

Branded bulletins: A white label service providing bespoke daily or weekly news bulletins to a corporate brief. 

Red-carpet events: Our dedicated showbiz team cover premier entertainment events and interviews. Live footage can be streamed direct to clients for immediate download during filming.

200 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8XZ, United Kingdom