ITN Productions 'Green' shoot

ITN Productions 'Green' shoot

As a company we are conscious of how much waste can be created on a large commercial shoot. With that in mind our Advertising team decided to do the following on their most recent shoot...


 photo go green 1_zpsfpmqyvcn.png


Carbon Footprint - We had a tree planted in collaboration with the Woodland Trust to offset the carbon footprint for the shoot

Saving Paper - We printed the bare minimum needed and printed double sided, also printing an A3 copy of each key document and pinned them up so all crew could see them without needing individual copies

Teas / Coffees / Water - Ahead of the shoot we asked everyone if they had re-usable water bottles / coffee cups to bring and had a water cooler on set for re-filling. We also used crockery in the location and washed it to minimize using disposables and encouraged re-using any disposables.

Location Equipment - We used 100% recycled floor protection (RAM Board) which is also easy to then be recycled again or even re-used

Waste Management - We booked a company to collect all waste from the shoot that recycled everything and composted any food and used clear recycling bags on the shoot, clearly labelled up