Client brief
A 2-3 minute video related to traveling by airplane. It could be about new airplane models, getting through customs, bad traveling experiences (losing luggage, rough flights, bad airports), new airports. Level = A2

ITN response
Using a recently shot prime time documentary about Heathrow, this film looks at the check-in/security element of air travelling. With a format of “who’s checking in today?” we sample four different experiences of this stage of airport travel, allowing exposure to both the general air travel vocabulary, and content around passenger handling such as different airlines and stages of the check in process. We hear natural speech from at least 4 different speakers, and a commentary track. Language opportunities include precise expressions to specify and compare different experiences, as well as general time-based syntax (late, on time, behind schedule etc) in past present and future tenses.

Target Audience
college age students, lower intermediate level