Marie Claire #NotMyJob

International Women’s Day saw the launch of Marie Claire’s Not My Job campaign, with a short film produced by ITN Productions.

This is the start of a wider content partnership between ITNP and Marie Claire over the course of 2018 to promote the campaign which looks to effect real and regulatory change in the workplace to achieve equality for women.

This is in partnership with the Fawcett Society – the leading charity for women’s rights at work.

The campaign includes images from artist Laura Quick.

Marie Claire will produce online and in print content around this campaign over the course of the year – working with ITNP – with the aim to work with brands who also want to demonstrate their commitment to women in the workplace.

Creative & Production: ITN Productions
Head of Branded Content: Mark Thompson
Producer: Geraldine Cabanero
Animation Director: Gary Dumbill

Client: Marie Claire
Acting Deputy Editor: Andrea Thompson
Senior Producer: Ruth Mills