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  • 12 Jan 2021

UK police struggle to enforce the latest Covid restrictions

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Police forces across the UK are finding it difficult to enforce the latest Covid restrictions amid a high number of incidents and with some senior officers arguing the rules aren't as clear as they could be. Since the start of September, West Midlands Police has had more than 26,000 Covid callouts, and has handed out nearly 1,400 fines. In the last week alone, West Midlands officers have investigated nearly 2,000 incidents of lockdown rule breaking, including people having friends over, hosting parties and not wearing a face covering. It comes as the government comes under increasing pressure to tighten restrictions in this latest lockdown. Restrictions are looser now than the restrictions imposed in April last year despite current surging rates of infection with the new more transmissible strain of Covid. The UK's latest lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday 4th January and came into law on Wednesday 6th January. SOT: Inspector Steve Barnes, West Midlands Police.


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