'Outside Innovation' for the International Society for Professional Innovation Management

In a unique communications partnership, the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) and ITN Productions are producing a long-form current-affairs style programme, hosted by Natasha Kaplinsky.

Drawing upon ITN’s 60-year heritage and expertise in storytelling, we will be exploring user-led innovation management as the impetus for organisations to innovate more quickly and successfully.

Innovators are frequently ordinary people, who perceive an unmet need, or solve an existing problem, and this programme examines how organisations are harnessing and developing this potential.

Outside-innovation provides a unique platform to stimulate debate, share information, and identify diverse sources of innovation.

The programme features news-style reports, case studies, sponsored editorial profiles, and interviews on harnessing user innovation, and then developing it within organisations.

Outside-Innovation launches at the ISPIM Innovation Conference 2017 in Vienna, Austria, 18-21 June 2017. The conference will attract 500 innovation professionals from around the world.

The programme headlines an extensive online communications campaign that includes the ISPIM network, innovative organisations, journalists and educational and research institutions.