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Industry News is ITN Productions’ broadcast standard news style programming in partnership with leading bodies and national associations. Across the UK, Europe and the US we tell the stories that shape the world through dedicated programmes about specific sectors and professions, targeted at people throughout those industries.

Drawing from ITN’s 60 years on national news production heritage, our state of the art studios and expert reporters bring a unique sense of integrity to the message. The programmes are made up of in-depth interviews with industry leaders and influencers, independent news items covering key topics and issues delivered alongside editorial profiles from leading organisations. We profile passionate people who have stories to tell that will galvanise others to shape a positive future, and seek to bring greater understanding to issues with the content, raise awareness of vital developments with our targeted digital campaigns, and challenge perceptions with our storytelling expertise.

Since launching in the UK and the US, the Industry News team has partnered with leading associations such as the Royal Society of Medicine, Royal Society of Public Health, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, Institute of the Motor Industry, Chartered Institute of Building, Institution of Engineering and Technology, British Veterinary Association, the AMGA (American Medical Group Association) and many more.

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